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Keyword: Child development
Multiculturalism & Diversity
Losing the Whole Child? A National Survey of Primary Education Training Provision for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
This study explores trainers’ approaches to organisation and delivery; levels of confidence in delivery; and wider views on the place of spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) in prima...
Theories & Approaches
Tying Early Childhood Education More Closely to Schooling: Promise, Perils and Practical Problems
In this article, the author uses the framework of prek-3rd as a vehicle for exploring the implications of more closely linking Early Childhood Education (ECE) and schooling, focusing especia...
Preservice Teachers
Reflecting on Field Studies in Teacher Education: Experiences of Student Teachers in Sweden
The paper describes how field studies can be useful in teacher education. Students teachers participated in a specialty area called Play, learning and development. During this activity, the ...
Instruction in Teacher Training
Learning to Laugh: A Portrait of Risk and Resilience in Early Childhood
In this article, the author describes his work with Goddess, a sixteen-month-old child who has never laughed. The author was assigned to work in her classroom as part of his clinical interns...
Assessment & Evaluation
Assessing, Teaming, and Reflecting: Student Outcomes From Participating in a Play-Based Assessment
This paper describes the logistics and process to conduct a play-based assessment (PBA) within the context of an early childhood special education (ECSE) assessment course required for earl...
Theories & Approaches
School Adjustment in the Early Grades: Toward an Integrated Model of Neighborhood, Parental, and Child Processes
Examining recent research on neighborhood influences on child development, this review focuses on social influences on school adjustment in the early elementary years. A model to guide commu...
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