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Teacher Education Programs
Accelerated Training for Applicants Seeking a Second-Career in Teaching
Two facts should be considered by those concerned with the teaching workforce in Israel. The first is that the profession does not attract "the best and the brightest" needed for education i...
Mentoring & Supervision
An Exploration of the Relationships between Mentor Recruitment, the Implementation of Mentoring, and Mentors’ Attitudes
This study examined aspects of mentor recruitment in relationship to the content and logistics of mentoring, mentors’ feelings of role conflict, satisfaction from mentoring, and their attitu...
Beginning Teachers
Induction Seminars as Professional Learning Communities for Beginning Teachers
This article explores the operation and contribution of induction seminars operated as learning communities for new teachers. Findings showed that seminar discussions focused primarily on co...
Beginning Teachers
Socialization of New Teachers: Does Induction Matter?
This article focuses on new teachers’ satisfaction with their first year of teaching from the perspective of socialization. The study examined the relationship between satisfaction with soci...
Beginning Teachers
When Intentions and Reality Clash: Inherent Implementation Difficulties of An Induction Program for New Teachers
New teachers are often required to go through an induction program in order to become fully certified. Induction programs are varied and the overall picture regarding their implementation is...
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